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2010 Legal League 7's tournament - Sunday 4th July.

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To all teams who were in Legal League 7's tournament last year,

I am glad to announce that we have now confirmed booking of two Kings
Park astro pitches on Sunday 4th July for the Legal League 7's
Tournament from 9.30am till 5pm.

The tournament this year hopefully will be contested between 24 teams
with 12-10 Legal League sides and 14-12 invitational teams. Trophy
and medals for the winners and medals for the runners-up will be
handed out.

The competition will try to comprise of 4 groups of 6 teams with top
two teams in each group going into quarters. This is obviously
dependent on numbers and it maybe reduce although 24 will be maximum.

Depending on number teams and match time we may have a small plate
competition for teams who finished 3rd or 4th in each group, a small
trophy will be handed out for this if it indeed goes ahead.

The Invitational Teams last year were:
1.Soho Casuals
2.Ruby Murrays
3.ADLST (formerly UBST)
4.Macau Portugal
5.Chung Fat (Seeded - 1st place last year)
6.French Dragons (Seeded - 2nd place last year)
7.Studz (Now league team)
8.Mobsters (Seeded - 3rd/4th place last year)
9.Societe Generale
10.Nite Spartans

Late submissions
Britsh Embassy, InterShenzen

Because we have more pitch time and we are using better catering
facilities at Kings Park (hence unlimited kegs of beers and cooked
food). The price for the entrance fee will increase this year to
$1,000 per team to cover the costs.

As you are all previous participants I have given your team
preference to securing a spot this year before we invite other teams.
Past years all the slots have been filled pretty quickly.

Can you please let me know if your team is interested in entering
again this year by the end of May. As usual payment will secure a
spot in the tournament which you pay into the HK LL account anytime
this month of May. I'll send a gentle reminder to all teams in the
last week of May. After May I'll open the invitation to other sides
to first pay first in basis.
The bank details for the HK Legal League is HSBC Acc:
you will need to deposit $1,000 to secure entry.


Henry Vera (Sec. HK Legal League)


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To all members currently I have the following teams who have confirmed:

1. Soho Casuals
2. Adrien Choix side (previously known as French Dragons) (Seeded – 2nd place last year)
3. Mobsters (Seeded - 3rd/4th place last year)
4. Societe Generale
5. NiteSpartans
6. Studz
7. JLeaguers
8. Spartans
10. Men United
11. Mes Amis – (Invited team instead)
12. Azzuri (Invited by Spartans)
13. Revolution (To Confirm)
14. Goodfellas (To Confirm)
15. Force (To Confirm)
16. Monopoly (To Confirm)
17. Legal Head (To Confirm)
18. Macau Portugal (To Confirm)
19. Ruby Murrays (To Confirm)
20. Chung Fat (To Confirm)
21. British Embassy (To Confirm)
22. Inter Shenzen (To Confirm)
23. ADLST (To Confirm)
24. QRE87 (To Confirm)

Interest so far to enter:
Henry's Stag Team, Team Spain, Hampsap FC, Sunny Rock, French Dragons

Out: BOC’s, Mes Amis

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To All Teams,

Currently I have the following 20 teams who will be entering the LL 7's tournament Sunday 4th July Kings Park from 9.30am till 5pm:

1. Societe Generale
2. Studz
3. JLeaguers
4. Spartans - (Seeded)
6. Men United
7. Legal Head
8. Monopoly
9. Revolution
10. Goodfellas
11. Force
12. Macau Portugal (Seeded - highest rank team from previous year)
13. Mobsters - (Seeded)
14 .NiteSpartans
15. Soho Casuals
16. Hamsap FC
17. Solid Rock
18. Football For Life
19. Divyesh Warriors
20. Disco Inferno (prev French Dragons - Seeded)

Standby: Azzuri. (If we get 3 more sides interested we may extend to 24 teams. However currently 20 teams is cut off)

Given we have a bit more pitch time this year we will most likely have a Plate competition. The most likely format will be the 3rd and 4th place teams in each group will enter it. The top two teams of each group will fight for the main cup.

I'll send an email closer to the date with regards to exact format and date and time of the draw.


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