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Preview of Legal League fixtures for 14 October

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Just trying to spark some regular discussion of matches to come. I hope no-one finds offence.

Legals v PAFC

Legals look a little one-dimensional with their attacking strategy. Past couple of match reports have emphasised balls over the top. Andy Mitch is back and hopes must be on him latching onto through balls.

PAFC seem to be enjoying much joy with their long range shooting, according to match reports. Pimmie and Deadly Dyer appear to be striking the ball well from distance.

PAFC have home advantage and the form guide favours them for a clearcut victory.

Spartans v JLeaguers

Spartans have a mean defence on tight pitches. The Sandy Bay astro is however big and wide which might favour JLeaguers passing game. For some reason, Sandy Bay plays bigger and wider than most pitches and the goals feel bigger and wider too.

JLeaguers have a psychological edge over the Sparts havng the upper hand in recent friendlies. Perhaps, they are Sparts bona fide bogey team.

If it was Kowloon Tsai, pitch 3, I'd favour Spartans but as its on Sandy Bay astro, I have a sneaky suspicion that JLeaguers will pull it off. The JLeaguers show different form on plastic than they do on grass.


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Irons didn't JLeaguers play at the big Kowloon Tsai astro last week were they lost 4-1 to Mes????

Spartans having played numerous games at Sandy Bay astro will be familiar with the pitch, not sure JLeaguers have played their before. Will be close game though.

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