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Predictions 17/18 November 2006

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1 Predictions 17/18 November 2006 on Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:16 pm

Mes Amis 3 – 1 Revolution

This is one prediction I obviously hope to get wrong. This prediction is based purely on the formbook and the results on the board.

Revo go into this week’s Friday Night Live fixture as clear underdogs against Mes Amis “Wanderers” but my saying that does not mean I don’t believe in the Revo squad. Come 6 p.m. on Friday, I’m sure I’ll be singing to myself that Phil Collins’ rock classic “I can feel an upset In the Air Tonight”.

Win, lose or draw, I’m looking forward to invading deepest darkest TST with everyone afters.

Legal Head 7 – 0 Spartans

I’ve been paid to make this prediction as I seem to correctly predict the score of Legal’s fixtures.

JLeaguers 3 – 2 PAFC

The match of the weekend. Both teams are scoring for fun, pre-season favourites and are living up to their billing as such.

PAFC have height, power and long range shooting prowess in their armoury. JLeaguers have their telepathic passing game, speed and a cast of thousands to call upon. Both have fantastic goalies and much will hinge on their shot-stopping abilities. It’s going to be raining shots on goal.

PAFC’s home advantage will not overcome JLeaguers’ numerical advantage. I can see in my crystal ball Spikey marauding up and down the touchline looking at his watch, which tells him that PAFC are a goal down with 3 minutes to go. He then angrily glares at the ref, as he stops play to allow another batch of JLeaguers substitutions and more fresh legs on the pitch so late in the game.

I certainly would make strategic substitutions, which are commonplace in the Premiership, to wind the clock down. I would also be frustrated if I were a goal down and on the receiving end… but what can you do? It’s within the laws of the game.

Let’s see if my crystal ball works.

Monopoly 2 – 1 BoC’s

Both teams have matchwinners named Jason Lee.

It’s good to see the BoC’s Jason Lee Mark I back in action so soon after what I heard looked to be a nasty injury. With Jason back, BoCs will get at least a goal. He is the creative spark they need as shown by the BoCs assists last match v HKAE.

Monopoly surprised everyone keeping Mes Amis “Wanderers” goalless last week and pulling off a splendid result that I cannot ignore. Keeping Mes goalless means Monopoly’s Colossus defenders might be back in action. Home advantage and regular weekly play means Monopoly can only get better which is frightening given that their record stands at 2 wins, 1 loss, with a win over Mes and only a loss to PAFC. A win against Mes puts them in my book as legitimate title contenders.


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2 Re: Predictions 17/18 November 2006 on Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:10 am

I'll have a pop at this ...

Mes Amis v Revolution
I'm not gonna predict the score on this one - I will predict a Mes win though.

Legal Head 0 – 5 Spartans
Was gonna say 7 but Mes have released Big Ivan Spuntoni from his Mes contract - so he should be starting for Legal Head. Having 11 on the pitch should mean they concede 2 goals less ... hopefully.

JLeaguers 5 – 5 PAFC
Oooo-er ... Japanese pace and accuracy or good old British grit ... Tough call. It should be a high scoring game so I'm gonna go a bit silly ... maybe a bit too silly ... 3 - 3, or 4 - 4 ... Or for the spectators and the good of the Legal League 5 - 5!

Monopoly ? – ? BoC’s
Depends who scores 1st.
If Monopoly score 1st the 2 - 0 to Monopoly
If BOC score 1st then 3 - 0 to BoC's.

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3 Re: Predictions 17/18 November 2006 on Sun Nov 19, 2006 4:45 pm

My crystal ball may not have been working on Thursday, but The Caretaker's crystal ball has been in fine working order for this weekend's races at Sha Tin.

As some of you may well know, his exclusive selections are posted first on this website's Non-football chit chat forum prior to the first race of any race meeting.

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