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Last Night Meeting minutes

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1 Last Night Meeting minutes on Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:03 pm


Meeting Minutes 30/01/2007 at Amici's.

Team Captains in attendance: Henry Vera (Acting Chairman/Spartans), Lewis Man (Fixtures/Revo), Jason Lee (BOC), Stephen Mantle (PAFC), David Yip (Registrations/Mes), Richard Broadhurst (Monopoly)

Also in attendance: Stephen Crane and Matthew Coleman.

Apologies: Ashley Bell (Chairman/Mes), Ken Abela (Legal's), Eric Woo (HKAE), Nick Oates (ADW), Yozo Kayamori (JLeaguers).

Henry Vera took the chair and commenced the meeting at 7:35 pm.

1. Monopoly were unanimously voted into the league – as proposed by Henry Vera and seconded by Lewis Man.

2. Monopoly were reimbursed HK$3,906 for pitches they have paid for upon proof of purchase being demonstrated. It was agreed that HK$3,500 of the amount to be reimbursed would be applied by Monopoly to cover this season’s subscription fees. A cheque for the balance of $406 was given to Richard. The league will continue to refund Kings Park for Monopoly this season.

3. Monopoly will try to get Kings Park for further time slots if possible, including Friday night games for the use of the league in general.

4. The league has now been given two new pitches Kowloon Tsai astro 2 and Aberdeen. It was agreed that if there was a surplus of pitches, games should be played on preferred pitches and surfaces and not bad surfaces and venues like Kowloon Tsai 3 or Sai Kung.

5.PAFC were given last season's championship medals.

6.League's current cash at bank was reported as being approximately +40k. The funds are to be used to try to improve the league. The following was agreed upon:

a. To purchase a new league cup for the end of the season with the old cup either going to White Stag or Amici's.

b. An end of season 7's competition to be held in June at either Kings Park, HKFC Hockey pitch or Sandy Bay.

c. End of season dinner with presentation to be much shorter than the Yau Yee one. Matthew Coleman from Monopoly will help organise venue, band and entertainment. Amicis was mentioned as a possible venue.

7. It was agreed that if the league had any spare pitches that they would try to arrange games for social teams outside the league. Police, Soho Casuals, Pepsi Shooters, Law Society all possible candidates.

8. It was agreed that, with the exception of Monopoly who get their own pitch, teams will be required to play fixtures at a variety of venues.

9. It was agreed Team reps will provide webmaster (currently Henry Vera) with a little bit more detail about the games via sms, so Website can be updated over the weekend. David Yip will proof read the reports.

10. Laracy Gall Solicitors will provide cash for a trophy this season for "Legal League Player of Year" with votes going to any active member on the 10 team rosters whereby each player can vote for any other player from another team.

11. The team captains will consider a shortlist of names for induction into the newly set-up Legal League Hall of Fame.

12. It was agreed everyone would like the current status quo remain with regards to the referees. It was noted Monopoly will make a proposal in next meeting about the refs.

13. To maintain a clean league, Spike will now be recording bookings by players. The rules will be along the lines of the English Premiership rules hence 5 yellows (one match suspension), Red card - 2 yellows in one game(one match suspension), Straight red card (3 match suspension). Any bookings need to be email to Spike by Monday morning cc: the other manager.

14. Amici's have agreed to provide 2 junks (Champions and Cup winners) at $100 a head, discount cards, and discount on drinks for Legal League players. In return the league would need to incorporate Amicis in the name of the league and feature Amicis on the website.

15. Steve Crane volunteered to provide a new logo for the league to put on the website.

16. It was requested by myself that team reps send just one list of players car regos numbers by Friday lunchtime for weekend Sandy Bay fixtures.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8:30 pm.

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