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Which individual will win the inaugural fantasy stats?

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8 AdW players get 3 points for clean sheets! You don't get that in the Premiership. Those same people ought to get minus points if they let in a hatful.

Andy Mitchell, the ante-post favourite?

Who are the candidates?

Will I actually get any points?

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Stuart McInness is a good thing got Golden Boot last year and is always keen to play.

Saw Andy Mitchell playing left midfield for USRC in a freindly recently not sure if this was a ploy, but for mine he is the perfect striker.

Tunners looks in good form recently so Legal Head could be pressing for some clean sheets early on and as Ken said they still haven't lost yet.

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John Pimlott from PAFC much be in contention. Was only a goal behind McInness last year.

If BOC can get a decent squad reguarily Jason Lee must be some kind of chance.

Probably got no chance people owning up to conceeding lots of goals.

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not sure Andy Mitchell will play enough games to win the fantasy football, my mine would grudginly go on Stu McInnes. Although having seen Yippy play, I wouldnt count him out either, especially seeing as his goal kicks go for miles.... cheers

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Stu McInnes won't be in town long enough to win the fantasy stats...

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Will he stay or will he go?
Will Stew McInnes go or not ... yep yep yep ... that is the question being asked.

My money is on ... Well ... You'll find out on Saturday ...
He'll probably get around 20 goals this season; mainly cos he's a greedy git!

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how did you know Mitchell was playing Very Happy

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Jason Lee, the man with the construction works on his knee, takes the early lead.

I've transferred him into my fantasy side for 11m pounds and transferred out Stu McInnes, who can't seem to get a game.

I'd like to sign a few more of the JLeaguers into my fantasy side but I haven't quite worked out who's hot and who's not.

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Stu's injured at the moment - he'll soon be back to his drunken self on the pitch

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